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This is a short post to get things up and running and understand markdown.

I’ve been an employee at the Mozilla Corporation working on test infrastructure and tools for about a year. In summer of 2013 I was an intern at the same, and before that a contributor.

In the intervening months I attended the University of Pennsylvania, where I was assigned reading such as Why Functional Programming Matters, and formed some opinions on the subject. In retrospect I think my primary attraction to languages like Haskell was that I found it easy to write correct and powerful programs in them, and this was a lot of fun. More recently I’ve come to believe I was not measuring my experience by the most important criteria, although just the other day I was suffering from a lack of concatMap in python. (Due to duck typing, sum([[1], [2, 3]], []) is [1, 2, 3], conveniently).

These days my favorite functional programming language is JavaScript1.